Why Partnering

YOUR Ability & Smart Choice as a Service Provider to Partner

How can you participate – seize the opportunity – expand your business Are your resources 100 % billable ??

We fill up your downtime without you having to go thru additional sales or processes + insure that your technical crews do not suffer from non billable time due to lag or dips in business. In addition you'll be benefiting from the reference to be the service provider for large and international customers.

Through the partner network you CAN deliver services to the local customer's unit while excluding cost /efforts for sales and customer support. ConeXus World would take care of all this. Hence it is a genuine path to your business growth.

Selling as an individual to nationwide, multi country – multi location companies is time and money consuming. In most cases the goal of service delivery to your nearest customer's location does not add to nor support this investment.

All our tickets will have plenty details available and can be considered as part of your own planning system. No additional investment in tools or resources is required.

The program is free of charge and in addition will provide you with a comprehensive tool for follow up on trouble tickets, status and reporting. Single source of invoicing and payment will guarantee financial security.

At ConeXus World we truly consider this a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity !

Please contact us by Phone & Email or go to our website to register online !

We are looking forward to working & growing with you !


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