Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Getting to Grips with International/ Large Deployments

It’s estimated that international deployments impose two to three times the management load of national ones. Omnipresent complexities and risks often de-rail international projects including finding the appropriate resources in specific geographies … ensuring services are delivered with consistent quality … importation and tax regulations … not to mention a host of potential language and cultural issues …

How do you manage?

The answer is to leave the finer details to ConeXus World. Every year we assist numerous clients across the globe to move forward with international and cross-border new investments and deployments with confidence. Through our International Project Team we provide our clients with a single point of contact – in the form of a dedicated Account and/or Project Manager – regardless of the number of geographies that are involved in the project. This resource is available 24/7 and gives clients peace of mind that their projects are receiving the level of attention they deserve and that someone always has an ‘eye on the ball’.

Take the Pain out of Deploying International Projects by working closely with an experienced global integrator.

Design and Engineering: ConeXus creates a controlled environment system build and a firm agreement between all parties on the final design to be implemented.

Process Creations: ConeXus World produces all process documents including survey templates, installation manuals,close out documents. We also provide centralized database storage for easy reference.

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