Installation / Local Execution

Installation / Local Execution

At ConeXus World, we utilize local technical resources for all installations and day 2 support. Today, our International and local Crews operate across 47 countries and draw on our long-standing technology partnerships with our network of Preferred Partners.

Typically our clients are looking to deploy a technology solution for dispersed locations and expect their primary partner to cover the following services:

  • Consolidation of installation partners to improve manageability
  • Standardization of installation process to improve predictability
  • Centralization of execution to reduce installation costs
  • Best in class quality execution to improve End User satisfaction

In addition, ConeXus World’s added value to support our clients are:

  • Experience : in IT/AV Technology design and roll out *
  • Expert Knowledge : Numerous references and accreditations
  • Broad Scope of technological services
  • Proven geographical coverage to assure local installations anywhere
  • Stringent process methodology

Finally, our pricing structure is designed upon a local way of doing business, which can provide a per country pricing to assure an economically viable solution.

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