Installation Services

Installation Services

Hassle-Free Technology Installations – Anywhere in the World At ConeXus World we have a passion for technology!

“Creating comprehensive -best of breed- Service Delivery across Europe and America, engaging into sound project management and integrating new technologies seamlessly into your Network environment - under ONE global framework - gives you the best of both worlds and sets us apart from the rest of the industry.”

ConeXus World delivers world class service across Europe and America. We ensure a seamless integration of new technology into your network environment by utilizing our established project management methodology. Providing you with top service- under ONE global framework- giving you the best of both worlds and setting us apart from the rest of the industry.

Your Benefits in partnering with us

Single Point of Contact – In an otherwise highly fragmented industry segment, ConeXus World offers a single source solution for national and global digital signage deployment.

Cost Savings – By partnering with ConeXus World, customers can reduce the annual day 2 expenditures and guarantee a predictable budget. Other savings include contract administration, vendor management and accounting costs.

Standardization – The standardization of our customers digital signage deployment can significantly improve quality and consistency of their signage locations.

Global Reach – ConeXus World provides on-going technical support, direct field support, material handling and certified installations for virtually any location in the world.

Predictability– By teaming up with ConeXus World, customers can focus their resources on their core business, which enhances efficiency and productivity throughout the enterprise.

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