Onsite Service and Day 2 Support?

Onsite Service and Day 2 Support?

Comprehensive Support Services:
Monitoring and Control over the services execution

Critical Problem Management : The evaluation by ConeXus World of all errors on a higher level than basic hardware, to list and conclude when problems occur or can be reoccurring, and provide pro-active support.

Named Technical Engineer : Only dedicated ConeXus World engineers are made available, so that all engineers concerned are highly skilled in and vastly acquainted with Customer’s policies regarding site entrance and Digital Signage Equipment handling.

Onsite Spares : ConeXus World will keep Manufacturer-supported parts and materials in its warehouse to assure immediate back up upon onsite service intervention.

Temporary Equipment Availability : Cases where ConeXus World is requested to provide temporary spare equipment to swap digital signage configuration. Service requests a full standardized uniform digital signage environment.
System Health Checks : Systematic site surveys consisting of technical assessment; which include a series of diagnostic tests on the Customer’s digital signage configuration to compare it with accepted system-management practices.

Operational and technical assistance (TAM) : ConeXus World’s TAM builds a strong working relationship with The Customer, helping to align business goals with customer resources and advice, enhancing the capabilities of the Customers covered Digital Signage configurations. In addition to the guidance and advice provided by the TAM during ongoing operations, ConeXus World can help minimize risk and possible business disruptions through change-management assistance, which can be funded by the Support and Change Budget.

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