Installation Services

Hassle-Free Technology Installations – Anywhere in the World At ConeXus World we have a passion for technology!

“Creating comprehensive -best of breed- Service Delivery across Europe and America, engaging into sound project management and integrating new technologies seamlessly into your Network environment - under ONE global framework - gives you the best of both worlds and sets us apart from the rest of the industry.”

Your Benefits in partnering with us

Single Point of Contact – In an otherwise highly fragmented industry segment, ConeXus World offers a single source solution for national and global digital signage deployment. Cost Savings – By partnering with ConeXus World, customers can reduce the annual day 2 expenditures and guarantee predictable budgets. Other savings include contract administration, vendor management and accounting costs.

Standardization – Consolidating digital signage deployment can significantly improve quality and consistency across a customer’s signage locations.

Global Reach – ConeXus World provides on-going technical support, direct field support, material handling and certified installations in virtually any location in the world.

PREDICTABILITY – By teaming up with ConeXus World, customers can focus their resources on their core business which enhances efficiency and productivity throughout the enterprise.

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