The Company

What We Do

ConeXus World uses our expertise to help our clients overcome any global limitations today, by integrating the technologies of tomorrow- transforming the global experience into a local one.

With management and technical resources located throughout the US and Europe, ConeXus World is capable of developing a professional solution for your business technology needs by utilizing our design, technical, and project management expertise. With the use of our extended network, of the industries most respected hardware, software, and logistics partners, we are able to ensure a predictable and repeatable result regardless of the scale or location of your technology integration. ConeXus World has extended experience in IT/AV technology design and project roll out. By combining our technological experience and our extended global network of our local “Feet on the Street” partners, we are able to execute the optimal solution.

Vision – Mission - Strategy

VISION: Position Conexus World as the leading IT service providers of design, technical and project management solutions creating business value and competitive advantages for our Customers.

MISSION: Let us transform your ideas into reality by providing you with an economically viable solution that satisfies all your company’s goals..

STRATEGY: Enable Customers, Staff, Partners and ConeXus World to scale up by developing sustainable partnerships, healthy work space, growth, and innovation through robust, governed, world-class IT service delivery.

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